User’s guide - DIS3x

The DIS3x is a display that displays the Loggers measurement. It does not store the received measurements; it only displays the last value. In case of alarm, an audible alarm is automatically triggered on DIS3x.

Start-up and configuration

  1. Connect the DIS3x
  2. DIS3x displays "NO LOGGER PAIRED".
  3. DIS3x starts on Channel 1, without securization. If you have modified the operating channel of your installation, start RF Monitor and perform the same process on the DIS3x (set it on the same channel as your operating Logger network). Your radio receiver (RF-to-USB key) must be connected to perform this operation.


  1. Disconnect the radio receiver (RF-to-USB key or Collector).
  2. Keep pressed 3 seconds the red button on the back of DIS3x. The DIS3x shows "PAIRING IN PROGRESS".
  3. Pass a magnet on the Logger to pair, at the Magnet symbol or on the magnet writing.
  4. The name of the Logger followed by "PAIRED" appears on the DIS3x and then its last measurement. To pair another Logger, perform the same operation again.
  5. After the pairing operations completed, reconnect the radio receiver (RF-to-USB key or Collector).
To remove loggers from DIS3x display, it is necessary to completely clear the list of paired Loggers. For this, disconnect and reconnect the DIS3x while pressing the red button. The DIS3x shows "LIST CLEARED".


Without alert:
The values of the 3 first logger sensors are displayed. The DIS3x automatically scroll the measurements of the different Loggers. It is also possible to scroll between the loggers by pressing the red button.
In case of alarm:
The logger which is in alert is displayed on the DIS3x. The DIS3x sounds an audible alarm. To acknowledge this alert, simply press the red button on the DIS. The audible alarm volume decreases. To turn it off completely, press again the button.
Remark: DIS31 screen switches off automatically after 1 hour of immobility. The display turns back on when motion is detected.

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