Data hosting on client' server - Installation

Database hosting provided by the client - Expert installation

Items to download ONLY if the hosting of the service and the database is NOT provided by Newsteo.
We recommend using Newsteo server. However, if you have subscribed an offer with hosting made ​​by you, you can download the Newsteo  installer allowing you to set up the service on your server.

The OS server on which the service should be installed is WINDOWS™ SERVER 2008 (highly recommended), but the service can run on WINDOWS™ 7 PRO. No other Windows™ OS is supported so far. Linux is not yet supported.

NEWSTEO strongly recommends a minimum Dual Core CPU with 6 GB of RAM and 1 GB hard drive for WebMonitor software (excluding data space from the database itself).

> Download NEWSTEO Gold Server

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