Set the SMTP e-mail server

To receive email alerts or reports automatically generated, it is necessary to configure the SMTP server that will send emails. To do this, you must know the configuration of your corporate or personal SMTP mail server. We strongly recommend that you use a professional SMTP server, your company's one. This is the safest solution to secure mail sending and receiving.

Note: Webmonitor limits the amount of emails sent to 150 mail alerts per day. Indeed, the Internet is increasingly suspicious with equipment sending too many emails. This action is taken to prevent you from being seen as a spammer.

If you don't have a SMTP server, you may also create an additional email address on a free server such as Gmail, and then use the Gmail SMTP server. 
Warning: Newsteo is not responsible for any changes on the Gmail policy, changes in settings, which could stop the sending of your alert mails. We recommend that you consult the Inbox of the account you have created to ensure that it is still operational.

In this article, we always give examples with gmail SMTP server. This server is free. Beware though, the gmail server allows sending a maximum of 500 emails per day.
  • I do not have my SMTP information, what shall I do ? You can create a gmail address, click here.
  • I have information from my SMTP server. You can continue the procedure.

Using Gmail SMTP

Gmail protects your email box. To use SMTP server, first make the following settings:
  1. Open the gmail inbox
  2. Click on the top right gear and go to Settings
  3. Click on Accounts and Import and then on Other Google Account settings
  1. Click on Connected apps & sites
  1. Put the setting Allow less secure apps to ON
  1. For security reasons, it is preferable to transfer the messages that you could receive on this email address to an e-mail that you use on a daily basis. In normal use, you will never receive a message, this email box being used only to send messages. However, it may happen that the mail provider sends administrative messages (update of the general conditions of use, change of confidentiality rules ...), messages that you must approve in order for your mailbox to remain active.
    To automatically transfer these mails:
    1. Click on the gear on the top right and go to Settings
    2. Click on Fowarding and...
    3. Click Add Transfer Address and follow the instructions

Enter configuration interface

​Connect and authenticate to
Go to Settings / Email server menu.

Set the email server (SMTP server)

​In the example below, the user will use the following address as a server for sending emails:
  • Email:
  • Password: password chosen while this mail box creation, for example: 1234
Note: this email box has no link with the boxes on which you will receive alerts or reports. It is only the mail box that will be used by WebMonitor to send these messages. Then, through the menus Settings / PDF reports and Settings /  Email alerts, you will choose the email boxes that will receive messages and reports

Setting fields:
  • Sent by: name that will appear as the sender of the email. Here we have indicated WebMonitor.
  • Sending Email address: address used to send the mail. Here:
  • SMTP server: SMTP server used. Here:
  • SMTP server port: This port is variable depending on the server. For gmail: 587
  • Securisation: None, SSL or TLS. For gmail : TLS
  • Authentication required: depending on SMTP server. For gmail, enable authentication:
    • Login: same as e-mail mailing address. Here:
    • Password: password of the email box. Here : 1234​


Then click Test Configuration to verify that the setting is functionning. An email will be sent to another email box and you will be able to check that you have received it.



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