Giving Newsteo support team the remote control of your PC

In case of problems with the use of RF Monitor software or to follow a personalized training, the supportNewsteo team may need to take remote control of your PC.
To do this:
  • It is necessary to install a special software on the target PC (the PC on which the RF Monitor software is installed)
  • The PC must have Internet access.

Downloading and installing the AMMYY software

  1. In order to enable us to control by remote your computer, please download AMMYY Admin (exe)​
  1. ​Copy this executable on the desktop of your computer
  2. Double click on the icon to start the application
    Icone AMMYY
  3. As soon as you have reached Newsteo:
  • Give us your ID number by phone
  • Accept the connection:
    AMMYY connexion

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