Ways to display measurements in RF Monitor

The RF Monitor software displays the measurements transmitted by loggers available in the network. Several views are available.

List of loggers and tabs

The list of products is displayed at the top with their battery level, the measurement ... and under one tab for each logger with curves displaying the various measurements (in this example, three temperatures: 2 probes and one in the enclosure) .
Affichage des meures RF Monitor

Positioning on a map, an image

It is possible to embed a map, photo, and position the loggers on it. By moving the mouse on a logger, you get its last measurements.
Supervision RF Monitor

Supervision tab

It is possible to display the measurements of different loggers on the same screen. Several presentations are possible. In the case below, we have the temperature of 3 different loggers.

Ecran de supervision des telemetres

You can also change the layout of the curves by clicking on the icons located to the left of the screen.
Visualistion des courbes loggers RF Monitor

It is possible to make better use of the height of the screen displaying only the curves and removing the list of loggers. To do this, simply go to View menu and untick List of devices.

Through DBMonitor

Autre visualisation possible : depuis la base de données, en actualisant le rafraîchissement automatique. Pour cela, aller dans Base de données / Mesures
Another possible display: from the database, updating the automatic refresh. To do this, go to Database / Measures.
Base de données Mesures

And then in the menu Data / Enable automatic refresh

Measurements are displayed as curves​...
Courbes RF Monitor DB Monitor
... or as a listing.
Mesures sous forme de tables Newsteo

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