Database Gold / Database Collector: how to switch?

1 / You have a facility using RF Monitor Gold, and you want to add to your Loggers network a Collector , all communicating with a common database

- If you have installed RF Monitor Gold before 2013, you must check and save your RFM GOLD Base * because it is not compatible with the operation of the Collector.
And use the new WAMP server with COLLECTOR database(SQL + PHP + HTML) for all sites.
* You can display your old RFM Base GOLD laterif necessary, with DBMonitor, but on a different port.

- If you have installed the RF Monitor Gold after March 2013, you can add a Collector to your installation, without modifying the database.

2 / You have a facility in Gold and you do not want to add a Collector into the installation: you have no change or update to perform.

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